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Megaboost Cool! I'm on it m8, Thanks.
Lonestar Theme is back online m8.
Megaboost Ok buddy. I think it's the best Theme and would love to see it back when you get it sorted. Keep up the Great work bud  
Lonestar There is an error with the Youtube section on the default theme i was using, I had to disable it until i get around to fixing it.
Megaboost What's going on with your site Lone. I can't seem to find the theme you were using  
Megaboost I know what you mean m8. Good job most people on Xtreme know here to come for the best advice. I'm no coder and have always appreciated the help you have given me Lone, So If I can help in any way, if it starts getting hectic on here, I will be only too happy to help you buddy.
Lonestar No idea m8, Still trying to get the files from Killigan, If i had control of the domain name i would just start over again.
Megaboost Any Idea when xtreme site will be up again Lone?
Megaboost Just dropping by to say Hi and to catch up on any New posts. Hope you are all having a Great Day so far  
Lonestar I will see what i can do in the coming weeks.
Teo Lone one thing, is there a way to add a "qute" system to the shoutbox you coded? it would be handy to have it
Teo Hey guys how u doing?
Megaboost Just dropping by to catch up with latest posts and to say Happy Sunday peeps, albeit a snowy one  
Lonestar Nice ill be over to take a look tomorrow.
Megaboost Just a shout out to Lonestar... I made you some voyager avatars over at my site buddy. Keep the suggestions coming too and I'll see what I can make.
Lonestar Hey Mags, How's you?
MAGNET Okay ... I'm taking a break to slide over to say "Hello"!
MAGNET Hi Laura!
MAGNET Happy Friday one and all! Have a great day too.
MAGNET Ok ... have a great day! [huggs]
MAGNET @Lonestar I'm sure you guys are happy to be around each other. And, thats a cool thing! If you've been knowing her that long, maybe its time to get married and have kiddios
Lonestar Names Laura, know her since i was 15, She doesn't really do the online thing, but i am sure i will get her into it someday lol
MAGNET What's up Shadzzzz?  
MAGNET What's her name? Is she a developer, gamer? What game? Nurse? hehehe
MAGNET You have a girlfriendd?       Okay so ... where did you meet her? Restaurant, Movie Theater, Stop Light, Online?
MAGNET @ Teo  
Teo lol n1 Magnet btw feel safe, they're only bouncing won't hurt you they're so soft  
Lonestar Think my girlfriend might have something to say if you did  
MAGNET Hey there ... Hi There ... Yo' There! Sticky-Licky's go out to Lonestar! You're lucky I don't live down the street from ya!
Lonestar hahahahahaha  
MAGNET Ok back to the grind ... you guys have a great, marvelous and exciting day .. muuuuuaaaah
MAGNET Hi Teo...I can't get to close to say hello to you or else I'll get smacked in the eye by those floppy boobies  
MAGNET Hi Lone ...   Came to give you a lick but you weren't here so I guess I have to use your shoutbox as my official "lick portal".
Lonestar Thanks Teo  
Teo Hey guys happy new year! this new layout looks just awesome Lone! really good job!
Lonestar Hey Mags  
MAGNET I just love this shoutbox ... hello to allll evo xtreme peeps! Glad you guys are still doing the thing! [fist bumps]
MAGNET LoooneeeStarrrrr ...Sorry for not giving you your daily hugss! Working on offline projects (contracts); something totally not related to graphics   Muuuuuuahhhh
Lonestar hahahaha  
MAGNET Don't break no legs peeps! (Sorry for spamming your cute shoutbox with so many cool emoticons! You are always finding cool accessories!  
MAGNET Hhahahahaha I suppose I've run everyone away (pretty women do that sometime)   Now I have you alllll to myself Lonestar!   Anyway, I think I've learned enough PHP to move my operations back over to Evo Xtreme.
MAGNET Fish Net Stockings anyone?? Not? Well, I'm sliding out! Checkya later ... 1:00pm my time is design time.
MAGNET Once again, all guys! Females please give a holler in the Shoutbox!  
MAGNET Okay... 2017 and I'm already doing it with gusto! Becuzzzz I luv Lonestar (and a few others) but lone... you come first because you reign supreme!! Have a great day!
MAGNET Guess what? I'm wishing everyone a Happy New Year just in case I get to brainfarted and can't type (fist bumping Sporatic) [tahehe] May the Pen Tool follow you wherever you go! Peace Out!
Lonestar hahahaha  
MAGNET Okay ... well! My lonestar deserves a lick on the side of the face *Slurp* euuwww taste like shaving cream  
MAGNET Hi Lone [hugs] Hope you had/having a great day!  
Lonestar You too Mags  
MAGNET okaaa! Have a great day!  
Lonestar Had a great Christmas, Same to you Mega  
Megaboost I take it that everyone had a Nice Christmas. Well here's to a Happier New Year to everyone.  
MAGNET Greetings, Lonestar dude! [hugs] Just woke up from a long nap. I can hear everyone snoring --
CnC_B4NDIT Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you Lonestar and all of your registered members!  
MAGNET [Hugs] Hello deario
Lonestar Cheers Don, Nice script, got it from
CnC_B4NDIT Nice flakes Lonestar,  
Lonestar Thanks Mega, Merry Christmas :)
Megaboost Merry Christmas buddy  
Megaboost Love the new header Lone  
Lonestar Hey Zardos o/ Yeah i really like this theme too.
zardos Hi Lone, this theme is one of the best, looks cool m8  
Lonestar Working on the shoutbox people!!!
Teo ullo
Lonestar ello ello
0079 Hello !
AlfieZA I will also put in a link to this site !!
Lonestar Hey Mags :)
Teo Hi guys! I'm back XD how are you all?
0079 glad you got it sorted m8
Lonestar Yeah SSD's are awesomely fast, But a major pain in the ass when running them in RAID pfft.
Megaboost Glad to see ur back Lone.... Those pesky SSD's :what:
0079 Sup Lonestar
Lonestar Hey Hey :)
MAGNET Missed seeing you a few times ... :D
MAGNET Hiyah, Lonely Star!
0079 hello how's things
Xtreme hey there guyz, nice site i have linked you on my site :D :D
Teo damn we did more then what we could but WTF!? worst penalty shootout i have ever seen...
Megaboost Looks like the Germans will go all the way now :what:
Teo Megaboost can't say the same XD and btw Germany is the next in our crosshairs :grin:
0079 Yes m8 we play second place in group F which is Probably Iceland or Hungry hopefully not Portugal
Megaboost I've been watching Euro 2016 religiously 0079. England Fan unfortunately. Dissapointing result last night.
Lonestar Don't watch that either lol
0079 Dont tell me you watch that rugby league shite
0079 HERETIC!! lol
Lonestar Hell no, never been able to stand watching football, I'd rather watch paint dry lmao
0079 Hi yall! anyone been watching the Euro Football CHampionship?
Megaboost I have to say that if it wasn't for Lonestar & Corpse keeping things going, EvoX would be dead in the water. We owe you guys.
0079 Hi Mega
Lonestar Hey Mega, How's you bud :)
Megaboost Hi Folks, just dropping by to say Hi :D
0079 thanks
Teo Nice the new header pic mate!
Lonestar hey hey
0079 hi all
Teo Thanks to removing it!
Teo and is with no security code on login, it works just fine for years. I only use it on registration.
Teo I'm running the honey pot only on trust me is full of bot over there i got about more that 200 unic visitors per..
Lonestar i will think about, with corpses honey pot i shouldnt need the code active anymore.
Lonestar I never log my account out
Teo Ok and please remove that annoying security code on login please :*
Lonestar I have been working on the homepage, Disabled a few things, But, They are back now
blackwolf but I miss the forum block :what:
blackwolf seams we have to use the shoutbox more :D
blackwolf ohh.. moving time :)
Teo is there any problem with the homepage mate?
Lonestar Good new :)
Teo backup, fortunatelly i did it once per day :)
Teo I've been able to download my backup, they gave me a rescue mod session, i mounted my VPS in a folder then i downloaded my
Lonestar Do they have any idea who is was?
Teo I'm destroyed I just hope that they can make me download my backup.
Lonestar I noticed your site was down earlier :(
Teo OVH fucked my VPS where was hosted all my websites.... i'm not mad... I am very sad.
Lonestar Hey Mega, Not too bad. How is everything with you?
Megaboost Just dropping by to say Hi :D How you all doing?
Lonestar Thanks guys
Sp0rAdiC Happy Birthday man!
Megaboost Happy Birthday! LONE :D
Teo happy Birthday Lone! cheers
blackwolf Happy Weekend ;)
Sp0rAdiC Clan Manager's looking amazing! Good work!
Megaboost Hope you all had a Fabulous Easter
CnC_B4NDIT Happy Easter back atcha Lonestar and all :what:
Lonestar Happy Easter all.
Lonestar You're Welcome :)
Megaboost I appreciate the Help Today Lone. Keep up the Great! Work :D
Lonestar Raven Version will be available in a few days time :)
Megaboost BTW The Clan Manager Rocks. It's a must for any clan that uses Raven or Evo :D
Megaboost I play CoD4 from time to time but not religiously Teo
Teo play... damn my keyboard is fucked lol
Teo @Megaboost do you lay cod4? XD
Megaboost Looking forward to getting the New Clan Manager :grin:
Teo :D
Lonestar :what:
zardos :grin:
coRpSE :grin:
Lonestar Shoutbox shouts reset!